Killzone: Mercenary gets some New Sceenshots Ahead of its US Launch



Killzone: Mercenary (our review) is unleashing itself upon North America and the PS Vita tomorrow. Check out the latest screen shots after the jump.

Regarding Killzone: Mercenary’s Day 1 Patch:

Following the success of the Killzone™ Mercenary multiplayer beta, Sony was overwhelmed with valuable feedback from the community.  Based on this feedback, they have released a patch that improves both the multiplayer and single player experience. In order to play the game online, users will need to download the patch.  Users who purchase the card-based version of the game will need a total of 1.4 GB of free space on their PS Vita memory card.  Users who purchase the digital version of the game will need a total of 4.6GB of free space on their PS Vita memory card, and therefore will need at a minimum an 8GB PS Vita memory card.

For the best possible experience with Killzone: Mercenary, they recommend that all of their  users install the patch. They’re confident that the update significantly improves network stability and delivers an overall improved gameplay experience for both single player and multiplayer modes.  they do apologize to their community for any inconvenience caused by the size of this patch.