New Fable III Screenshot Shows off Pretty Dude and His Weaponry

Fable III is set to take place in an industrial revolution, and the changes in player styles are immediately evident in a newly released screenshot from Lionhead Studios.

The manor in which the hero stands recalls Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Emily Bronte. It is a victorian-era mansion with its richly colored walls, heavily decorated banisters and carpeted stairwell. In addition, the hero himself carries a unique dress style. A sword hangs off his back and yet he wears pants made for riding, an undeniably cool-looking jacket and what has mutton chops that certainly evoke the styles of Victorian England.

While Fable III takes place in a fictional world it draws heavily upon influences such as Austen and Dickens. An industrial revolution is sweeping the land and you take control of Albion by force and then must rule and please those whom you made promises to in your rise to power. The art style is unique and beautiful, cartoonish and realistic at the same time. The hero obviously is a moral character and not an evil hero as this game will, like the previous one, enact changes to a characters appearance based upon the type of person they are.

Fable III is due on the Xbox 360 this holiday season. Look forward to seeing more of it as E3 nears, and for now, see what you can find in this screenshot.