Rumor: Next Silent Hill Game Will Be An First-Person Shooter

Vatra Games, the studio behind the next Silent Hill game, may be developing the title as a first-person shooter.

The rumor comes via GameRep (with thanks to VG247) and apparently stems from Vatra’s listing of their sole major platform project. The game listed is scheduled for a Q1 2011 release and is the only project currently in development at Vatra that is aimed at the Xbox 360 and PS3. The rumor gains further strength due to Konami’s confirmation earlier this month that a new Silent Hill game is being worked on for the PS3 and Xbox 360 at Vatra. In addition to the Xbox 360 and PS3, the listing at Vatra says the title is also being worked on for the PC, so that may be an indication of a PC port or it may be an indication that this rumor is baseless.

If the rumor is true, we’ll take the FPS tag with a grain of salt. It may, in fact, just be a first-person viewpoint (which frequently is classified as an “FPS” nowadays) or it could be along the lines of Condemned, which featured harrowing encounters with drug addicts in dark, abandoned buildings. If so, it could be a good move for the franchise but it could also represent a further step towards mediocrity. The last couple of Silent Hill titles have been met with mediocre to poor reviews and the last next-generation console release of a Silent Hill game was Silent Hill: Homecoming, which had an increased focus on combat compared to previous games in the series.

Silent Hill once was the best horror series. It featured a spooky location, unique enemies, a frightening third-person camera and excellent sound effects. It was a total package and obviously, if the rumor is true, there could be a massive backlash from fans desperate for a return to the series’ roots.

For now we’ll have to wait until E3, when Konami has announced it will provide details on the newest Silent Hill game.