Review – MLB 10: The Show (PSP)

With opening day coming up fast, now is a good time to check out MLB 10: The Show on your PSP.

Joe Mauer Swingin’ Away

While this year’s PlayStation 3 version of the game really knocked it out of the park with its new additions (see our review here) the PlayStation Portable version for 2010 didn’t bring much of anything new to the plate.

Turning Two

The graphics are as great as always, and the animations are top notch for a handheld gaming device. The ‘Road to the Show’ is also very addictive and a sense of pride can be had when getting the call up to the big leagues. Hours can be spent playing through the minors while you plug away trying to hone your skills to become a MLB caliber player.

Ryan Howard Going Yard

Training modes didn’t make it to the PSP version, but the Home Run Derby did. The HRD is a good way to get a quick baseball fix when you only have a few minutes of free time.

C.C. Sabathia Covering First

The sounds of the game are authentic and chatter from the crowds are a nice effect. The announcers can become repetitive after a few games, but that is to be expected from a sports game. The jukebox returns for another season and playing your own music is definitely a plus. Custom batter walk-up and reliever entrance music really gives your RTTS player more of a personal feel. Homerun music is also an option, so make sure you have plenty of music on your PSP to your liking.

Mauer Covering the Plate

Sadly the only multiplayer is ad-hoc so no infrastructure here. True online play should have been a given for a sports game, but not for this one. There’s also no way to download roster updates in-game so we can at least hope that roster updates will make it onto the PSN Store.

For those of you that are new to the MLB: The Show series, this is a great game that offers hours of play in both the RTTS mode and franchise mode. The fundamentals are always spot on, the animations are top notch, and the graphics are good for a handheld gaming device. If you already own MLB 09, and aren’t in need of a new digital copy for your PSPgo, there’s not much new to offer here, with the exception of the new rosters and the Home Run Derby.



+ “Road to the Show” great as always

+ Top notch handheld graphics

+ Outstanding realism in player movements

+ Home Run Derby included


– No true online play

– Not much new from MLB 09

– No updateable roster at this time

* MLB 10: The Show was developed by SCE San Diego. It was published by Sony Computer Entertainment America and is available on the PlayStation 3.