During a war, many soldiers become the enemy’s hostages, better known as Prisoners of War. Do not fear, as that is the setting in P.O.W – (PRISONERS OF WAR) a new PSN Minis title released by SNK. Find the game interesting, but having doubts? Stay in the shadows as you read our review to find out if it’s worth getting.


You are a soldier who has been capture by the enemy forces. After months of torture, a chance to escape is in front of you, and you don’t think twice to take it. PRISONERS OF WAR is an old school beat ‘em up sidescroller arcade game with plenty of action. You will have to use your combat skills to take down waves of enemies. Weapons are available but you will have to take them from enemies that drop them once they are killed. This is a very simple game and fun. To start playing you will need to add Coins by pressing the Triangle button (99 coins being the Max) and those coins give you 2 lives by pressing the Start button (Both Lives and Coins can be added at any time while playing). To kick press the X button, to punch press the Square button, and to jump press the Circle button.  Be careful as there are many types of enemies and each one requires a different way to take them down. Some enemies even have knives and machine guns. Of course if you take down one of these enemies you will be able to use their weapons to your advantage.

There are four difficult settings from Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hardest. As I mentioned previously, you pretty much have an unlimited amount of lives and continues, so go get wild and try the hardest difficulty setting. Being a Minis title and SNK port game, the menu is the same as other titles. To access the menu press the Select button. From there you can change the settings to your liking, manually save and load.


PRISONERS OF WAR is a fun Minis game, with a download size of 34 MB and with a price of $2.99. This is a great game to pass some time with, or to just take a break from today’s FPS games.



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