Review – SNK’s Chopper 1

SNK has brought another memorable title to the PlayStation Network. CHOPPER 1 is a sidescrolling top-down shooter ‘em up game from the 80’s. You control a helicopter where you must infiltrate enemy territory and fight against choppers, tanks and boats. Are you ready to take over the controls? Read our review to find out if this old school game is for you.


CHOPPER 1 was released back in 1988 and developed by SNK. This game can be played up to 2 players; both players, each controlling one helicopter. The pace of this game is fast, the levels are short but brutal. Larger enemies (like other games) require more shots to be destroyed. Power-ups are in this game and they’re of big help, they are found by destroying big orange colored helicopters. Unfortunately there is no health bar, one shot and you’re done. There is an option in the menu to change between 3 or 5 lives. If that still doesn’t seem to help, you can manually save and load since there are no checkpoints and it’s much faster than having to wait to respawn.

Despite the game being brutal on Easy difficulty setting, the game is fun, even if I lost count on how many continues I used just for the first level. Once my friend jumped in to help me the game became a bit easier and fun. With a price of $2.99 and a download size of 34 MB this SNK MINIS title will keep you entertained for quite a while, or it will leave you with a migraine.