Review – SNK’s The King Of Fighters ’96

King of Fighters ’96 wants to take you on. Should you accept the challenge, or run the other way? Read our review to find out.

“Unlike the mystery surrounding previous KoF competitors, KoF ’96 has become a major international event sponsored by a number of huge corporations. Preliminary contests have been held in various areas throughout the world, and among the top nine teams are, naturally, the usual KoF contestants who have been looking forward to test their abilities in an official competition. This time, however, there is a team among them who will not fail to raise eyebrows…A team composed of Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser, and Mr. Big. The three who once attempted to conquer the world are now but mere contestants in this tournament. Is their objective, perhaps, to do away with the Bogard Brothers or the disciples of Kyokugen-ryu Karate? If that weren’t enough of a surprise…Lori Yagami appears once again. Teamed up with a pair of mysterious women. How will the rivalry between their play out this time around?”

“Welcome to King of Fighters ’96, held as an official recognized sporting event, over which dark clouds have already started to gather…”

King of Fighters ’96  is the third installment of the KoF series, with  27 characters, and over 2,900 possible team combinations, KoF ’96 sure as hell lives up to its 3v3 fighting title.

When playing KoF ’96, you can Choose to play either:

  • Normal Mode: Play the Story in Team play, or go head to head with a friend in Team VS. But if your not feeling the team spirit  you can always go to Single Play or Single VS. Unless your up for a challenge, then scroll down to the Survivor mode to see how far you can get through the other fighters to be the real King of Fighters.
  • Network Mode: Jump into a Quick Match if your in a rush or just want to test your fighting skills against some random person. Search for a match or a friends match using Match Search. Having troubles finding your friends match? Create your own match and invite them too it.

Also With other settings like:

  • Replay Mode: Replay Mode allows you to Play the last couple matches that you did, and if you don’t like them then Delete them.
  • Settings: Change or check out the Controls and adjust to your preference. Change the screen by adjusting the brightness, length, or Gama. Sound controls allow you to adjust the SFX Volume and Music Volume. Save Dtat lets you Load or, get this, Save now isn’t that cool.
  • Information: Software Manuel, allows you to access the prologue and the back story’s behind each character. Plus the type of game, what it takes to run it…etc.View the different moves by accessing the Command List.

So in the long run, nothing really has changed much menu wise. Don’t get me wrong, KoF ’96 is still kick ass.

Over King of Fighters ’96  is still one of the best fighting games I’ve played, Still that fast paced  gonna piss me off if i keep dying on survival mode game that i love. its a very fun fighting game that you can enjoy by your self or with a friend. So if your looking for a fun classic fighting game and a your fan of SNK NEOGEO games then you’ll love this game, just like KoF ’95. You can go pick this game up now from the SNK NEOGEO Collection in the PSN store for the price of  $8.99, Unless your a PlayStation Plus member then you can pick it up for the price of 7.19, I think thats a steal. I love the game. I love the series.

This is my cup of tea.




Michael Cardwell

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