New Peripheral Maker Offers Sound-Enabled Wii Accessories

Hyperkin, the new dog on the accessory-making block, announced today that they will be releasing new Wii peripherals that are not only Wii Plus compatible but also produce their own, realistic sound. These new, easy to use devices are being called “Sound Plus”.

In their press release, Hyperkin listed the Sound Plus’ highlights as:

• Built-in Internal Sound Device

• Accurately simulates the sounds of a baseball bat, tennis ball or golf ball being struck

• Motion Plus compatible

• Patent pending technology

• Soft, durable and safe foam design

• Available in White, Blue and Pink

• Available: Now

• Suggested Retail: $19.99

Furthermore, Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s Marketing Director, went on the record by saying, “The Sound Plus was created to add a new level of sensory immersion to the Wii experience. Hearing each swing, the simulated sound of contact, adds a whole new level of fun and excitement to playing Wii sports games.”

In all honesty, I’m very surprised that nobody has of thought of this earlier. The Wii remote’s built-in speakers aren’t exactly the best quality, and these would bring players a step closer to feeling they’re actually playing the sports on their screen.

Sound Plus is out in stores now for the price of twenty dollars.