Creature 24 to Make Game in 24 hours, Wants You to Help

Creature 24, a group of three developers, is looking to create an iPhone/ iPod Touch game in 24 hours. That’s right, they’ll be going from a skeleton idea to a full-fledged product in just one day.

While this has been done several times before, Creature 24 has said, “The difference between this project and some other ’24hr games’ that you might see out in the wild is that we’ve approached the project as we would any other premium contract development work.”

Also, they want your help. In their blog, Creature24 has said:

“YOU (yes, YOU!) can participate in the process too! Simply by following @Creature24hr on Twitter your Twitter name will be included in the Fan Wall shown within the game! We’ll also be asking for input and ideas on specific topics throughout the event; so something YOU suggest could directly make it into the game!

We will also be looking for 10 AdHoc testers to look at builds and provide feedback to us; all testers will be listed in the in-game credits! Details will be posted on the Blog during the event.

As an added bonus, we are currently working on obtaining licenses for some great software giveaways! Not only will you see us talking about the software we’re using, YOU can also become eligible to win a license for that software! If you’re an aspiring iPhone/iPod touch developer in any capacity, now’s your chance to get some super Mac applications for free! Pretty soon you’ll be doing your own 24-hour project! More details will appear on the Blog during the week leading up to the event, so stop by to see what’s new.”

The first of these products is up as well. Currently is holding a contest for Pixelmator, a Mac-only photo editing program. The group has also promised that more products will be available for contest later.

The twenty-four hour event will be taking place on March 6, 2010, and Creature24 invites people to come watch it on their website,, starting at 9am EST.