Extreme Hangman Becomes DSi Ware’s Biggest Seller

Extreme Hangman, the popular mobile phone game developed and produced by Gamelion and Skyzone, has become the biggest seller on the DSiWare’s storefront in just a matter weeks. Gamelion is forbidden from releasing sales numbers so it’s impossible to tell how badly beaten classics such as Dr. Mario have become.

Hangman Extreme is the classic pen and paper guessing game with a twist. Taking place in various settings, the gamer’s mission is to save the Hangman from his enemies by guessing the hidden word correctly. By guessing incorrectly, he is put one step closer to being shot, strangled, erased, or hanged by his enemies. Extreme Hangman features seven different settings with fun animations, over 2000 words in various categories, and three difficulty levels.

Extreme Hangman is on sale now for 200 Nintendo points, or $2.00, so go get yourself a copy.