PSN Down; Data Corruption Issues Being Reported – UPDATE

Update 12:58 PM: Sony has officially announced that the error was caused by a bug in the clock of the  original model Playstation 3.  Sony hopes to have the issue resolved within 24 hours.  While the bug is still in effect, they recommend that you do not use your PS3 if you have one of the ‘fat’ models.  Owners of the slim models should be able to use their systems as normal.

You can read the full information at Sony’s US blog.  Terminal Gamer will continue to update this post as we learn more.

Update 11:02 AM: There is still no official word from Sony regarding the issue.  The last update from the company’s Twitter feed was 12 hours ago.  TerminalGamer will continue to search for information and update accordingly.

Update 9:47 AM: Rumors are circulating that the issue is related to PSN accounts being compromised by hackers. After tracking the story to its source, TerminalGamer is confident that this is not true. The ultimate source of this rumor is a post on Sony’s consumer service page that is regarding an event that happened well before this current outage. We repeat, this rumor is not true.

Update 9:20 AM: PSN is still down but the problem goes beyond PSN. Apparently, offline PS3’s are also affected. Speculation is that the error may be related to a calendar bug on original PS3’s, but that has yet to be confirmed by Sony as we continue to wait for an official update from SCEA.


Update 9:00 AM: PSN is still down and according to Develop-Online developer debug units are also caught in an endless rebooting cycle. It has been 10 hours since Sony’s last official update via their twitter feed. As of now, the system appears to be in some kind of global lockdown.


Several hours ago reports began pouring in that the Playstation Network was down and a 8001050F error code was being received.

In addition to the network failing, gamers have also been reporting that their trophy data has been corrupted as well. Because of this, even some single player games (including the recent release Heavy Rain) have been rendered unplayable.

Owners of the original model Playstation 3 have reported that the date on their console has reverted to 12/31/1999, some some claiming their system did so even while offline.

Sony has announced they are aware of the problem and are actively working on resolving it. They will release more information when they determine what the exact issue is.

TerminalGamer will have more information when it becomes available.