After Hiatus, Gearbox Working on Aliens: Colonial Marines Again

Gearbox is developing Aliens: Colonial Marines after taking a long hiatus from the title while focusing the studio’s efforts on the hit RPG/Shooter hybrid Borderlands.

Gearbox’s President Randy Pitchford told MCV that work on Borderlands “took over” Gearbox’s studio and that the team is just now getting back to working on the game, which will focus on the Colonial Marines in the world of Aliens. The news may be welcome to some who were disappointed with Rebellion’s recently-released Aliens vs. Predator.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was revealed nearly three years ago by Gearbox Software, but the company has spent much of the last couple of years working on Borderlands and its three DLC packages including the newly-released Secret Armory of General Knoxx expansion. Gearbox developed the Brothers in Arms games and is known for producing high-quality titles.

The Gearbox-developed Aliens game will be published by SEGA when it is released.