Activision Shuts Down Fan-Made King’s Quest Project

Activision has shut down a fan-made King’s Quest sequel that has been five years in the making.

The game, titled The Silver Lining, was originally begun in 2002 and successfully negotiated a deal with Vivendi (who owned the rights to King’s Quest) to allow the indie team that conceived the game idea to continue developing the project in 2005. The deal with Vivendi allowed the developers to continue making the unofficial sequel as part of a non-commercial fan license. However, Activision, who now owns the rights to King’s Quest and all other Sierra titles has decided to cease development of the project after it didn’t reach an agreement with the team behind the game.

Activision said that after “talks and negotations” it is not interested in entering into an agreement similar to that reached with Vivendi by the development team, which prompted a letter yesterday from the developer thanking its fans for all of their support and announcing that they would be closing the project.

The game would have been presented in a series of episodic releases. The title would have consisted of 5 total episodes and reportedly the development team, Phoenix Online Studios, had finished the first of the episodes.

Activision recently reached a deal with Good Old Games that allows the vendor to distribute Sierra titles via their online purchasing system. Recently, titles such as Phantasmagoria, Gabriel Knight 2 and King’s Quest IV, V & VI have been released.