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Aliens: Colonial Marines Announces Season Pass and Wal-Mart Exclusive

SEGA, GEARBOX and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products Announce SEASON PASS FOR ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES   Nearly 40% Savings Over Individual DLC Purchases; First DLC “Bug Hunt” Out in March  

Sega Reveals Box Art for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sega has revealed the pack fronts for their highly anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines™. Check it out after the jump.

After Hiatus, Gearbox Working on Aliens: Colonial Marines Again

Gearbox is developing Aliens: Colonial Marines after taking a long hiatus from the title while focusing the studio’s efforts on the hit RPG/Shooter hybrid Borderlands. Gearbox’s President Randy Pitchford told MCV that work on Borderlands “took over” Gearbox’s studio and