Steam Rumored For Mac

Rumor on the street is, Valve (creators of Half Life 2, and Left 4 Dead) are working on a Mac specific version of their Steam service. The rumors occurred after users of the new beta uncovered Mac OS specific graphics in the code.

Digging deep through open beta files, Steam forum members found OS graphic icons such as; the open maximize and minimize jewel icons that are used in the operating systems windows. Although that seems like not much of anything, reports say that there were a few more Mac graphic icons buried within, including dock graphics and specific OS X menu files.

Again this is merely a rumor at this point, and Valve have not talked about Steam on the Mac before. They did, however recently announce the beta for the new Steam update as the popular service continues to expand. Some of the new features included in the update will allow players to sort their games, and allows them to track all of their achievements in a more traditional fashion.

Steam has been highly praised over the years, as being the number one thing keeping PC game sales alive. This would be a nice gesture to all the Mac gamers, as they have usually always been snubbed by the gaming world. However with growing popularity of iPhone games, and the upcoming iPad table, Mac have been pushing more and more to become a reliable source in the gaming world. In addition, newer Mac computers run on Intel processors, which allow them more gaming capability.

We’ll keep you up to date on any news regarding a possible Steam expansion to the Mac world.