Success of Red Steel 2 Will Determine Fate of Franchise

Gamers who are anticipating the 2010 release of Red Steel 2 might be saddened to hear it could be the last in the franchise.

Creative Director of the Wii game, Jason Vandenberghe, stated to that if Red Steel 2 fails, there won’t be another game in the series—despite the fact that Red Steel sold over a million units, and Red Steel 2 is one of the most anticipated Wii releases this year.

“It was clear from the beginning we had to succeed. It was absolutely crucial,” Vandenberghe said to “It was obvious, if Red Steel 2 came out and it was not well-received by the fans, we were done.”

Vandenberghe did add that because of this mindset, it made it easier for him to focus himself, and the team, on the quality of gameplay. And signs point to Red Steel 2 being much better than its predecessor; Wii MotionPlus granting the game with more activity and exact controls for gameplay.

Yet, only time will tell if the franchise can get a boost from Red Steel 2, and sales definitely remain the biggest factor in considering franchise continuation with this game and with so many others as well.