PA Commentator To Launch at GameFest

Product Will Create Unique PA Commentary In Sports Games; Offers Millions Of Lines and Variations

February 2, 2010 – Everybody’s had this problem: you’re playing a game of Madden or NBA 2K10 and you make a really great play. The crowd goes wild, you do your victory dance, and the commentators give you some praise. Five minutes later you make another huge play to win the game. The crowd goes nuts, just like before. You do your victory dance, just like before. The commentary gives you more praise, exactly the same as before. It’s a small complaint when you consider all the other things these games have to offer, but it quickly gets old hearing the same thing come out of John Madden’s mouth three or four times a game.

Luckily for sports gamers, this will never happen again. Phonetic Arts, a company specializing in speech generation for computer games, announced today that they will launch their new product, PA Commentator, at Microsoft’s GameFest later this month. The product takes existing recorded sports commentaries, and, through a series of complicated linguistic algorithms and equations, transforms them into in-game audio. The technology can generate new dialogue offline, adding literally millions of lines to a game’s database, or generate them live during a game, adding even more depth to the game. The result is this: if Heinz Ward breaks a tackle and runs 95 yards for a game winning touchdown, you can hear John Madden say that, as opposed to hearing “What a great play!” every five minutes.

Phonetic Arts’ CEO, Paul Taylor, had this to say: “We’re excited about launching PA Commentator. It is an excellent system that really lifts the believability and immersion of sports games. The system can generate literally tens of millions of unique lines of commentary, meaning even the most dedicated sports games players will be unlikely ever to hear the same line of commentary twice.”

The PA Commentator sounds like an extremely interesting piece of technology. It definitely has the potential to break sports games out of a rut that many fans believe they have been stuck in for years now. So if you’re a fan of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, FIFA or any other sports game, you owe it to yourself to check out the PA Commentator when it ships with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in-game licenses starting February 10.