God Of War Slurpee Arriving At 7-Eleven

Drink A Big Ol’ Cup of Kratos At 7-Eleven’s In February

January 30, 2010 – Beginning in February and running through March, 7-Eleven customers will be able to buy a special, God of War-themed Slurpee at 7-Eleven. The Slurpee, christened the “Kratos Flurry Slurpee” will even come in a special, God of War cup.

You know, we’re all excited about Kratos’ emergence on the PS3. After all, it’s been too long, my angry, angry friend. But, at least while we wait another painful two months we can get brain freeze and think of Kratos when we suck down 7-Eleven’s latest concoction, a mix of “ferocious blackberries and frosty limes.”

In addition to being a delicious concoction, the “Kratos Flurry Slurpee” will come in cups that include reward codes that can be redeemed at Slurpee.com for God of War III and Slurpee-themed DLC.

If Sony knows a way into our hearts it’s most definitely via the Slurpee, America’s favorite frozen drink. Now, every time I walk into a 7-Eleven store I’ll be thinking of you, Kratos (wink).

Check out the cups and DLC content below and get pumped to visit 7-Eleven.