Mega Man Zero Collection Coming To DS In Summer of 2010

Get Your Mega Man Zero Action On This Summer

January 29, 2010 Some gamers remember when Mega Man Zero first came to the Gameboy Advance in 2002 as a good thing, a solid addition to an already amazing series. They remember Zero, the main character of this series, but who first appeared in Mega Man X in all of his sword slashing glory as a tougher and cooler version of Mega Man. Though some people may remember Mega Man Zero’s appearance as being sacrilege to the series and believe that Zero was a super rip-off of Mega Man (after all, they both have a Buster Cannon), the fact is, Zero is red and white with hair while Mega Man is blue and helmeted, they’re completely different. Right?

The debate of whether Zero is “totally hip and rad” or not can be saved for another day, though. For now, we’ll have to agree that Capcom releasing all four of the Mega Man Zero games on the same DS cart in Mega Man Zero Collection is a pretty sweet deal. Will the collection feature anything new? Capcom only tells us that it will be “complete with all-new modes.” What does that mean? Perhaps we’ll find out soon.

Either way, if you haven’t played Mega Man Zero but you own a DS you can’t best the deal that Capcom is offering with this new release. You can expect to see it on store shelves sometime in the Summer of 2010.