Three Card Monte Comes To The iPhone

New Card Game App Coming To iPhone

January 29, 2010 Dallas, Texas based developer Blockdot announced the release of their new game, Three Card Monte, to the iPhone’s App Store earlier today. The game allows players to partake in the classic, back-alley card game without breaking the bank. The idea is simple: after taking a quick look at a set of three cards, players must follow the queen of hearts as the cards are shuffled, switched, and swapped. If you pick the right card, you earn points and move on to the next round. Get it wrong and it’s game over. It starts out nice and slow, but after a few rounds the action becomes lightning fast, really forcing you to concentrate.

Although the iPhone has seen a few three card monte games before, Blockdot’s version has a lot over it’s competitors. For starters, the game has a vibrant, fiesta-like art style which employs vivid shades of reds, yellows, and greens; a nice contrast to the monotone blues and blacks or other card games on the iPhone. Secondly, after you’re done playing the game, you can upload your score to the leaderboard on to see how you stack up against would-be gamblers all over the world. Oh yeah. The game is also free. That’s a plus. If you’re into skill-based gambling and don’t like being tricked out of your cash by seedy grafters, then this is definitely one game that’s worth a look.

Blockdot is a production company based in Dallas, Texas. They are a leading force in the online gaming industry, having developed more than 800 casual and corporate sponsored advergames for Baskin Robbins, Nokia, and General Motors, just to name a few. Their website,, is one of the most popular gaming sites on the internet, drawing millions of players each day. To find out more about the company, advergaming, and their sponsors, you can visit their website listed above.