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Review – God of War III

More than 5 years ago the God of War series started Kratos on a journey that has been as exciting as it has been bloody. The final installment of the series is here, and it doesn’t disappoint.

God of War III’s Production Cost Revealed

God of War III is set to become one of the biggest releases of 2010. Riding a wave of incredible reviews, God of War III is a Game of the Year contender, a visual masterpiece, and an impressive action title

God of War III Is Installation-Free

God of War III will not require any hard drive space on the PlayStation 3 for installation. Christopher Ericson, Director of Technology at Sony Santa Monica stated via Twitter that the only hard drive use would be for save games

God of War III Takes Up 35 GB of Space

Sony Santa Monica developer Tim Moss announced via Twitter that God of War III will require over 35 GB of space on Blu-ray when it releases in March. The announcement relays the enormous size of the game and suggests that

New God of War III Trailer Released

The God of War franchise has always been able to present intense visual displays. The first two games, published on the Playstation 2, were perhaps some of the most visually pleasing on the console, and with the release of the