Review – God of War III

More than 5 years ago the God of War series started Kratos on a journey that has been as exciting as it has been bloody. The final installment of the series is here, and it doesn’t disappoint.

If you are a fan of the series, then you already know that God of War and God of War II were remastered and released for the PlayStation 3 in the God of War Collection (see our review here), and God of War III takes up where they left off, but the previous games aren’t a prerequisite in order to follow the story line.

Almost everything in God of War III seems to be on a much grander scale, and the graphics are definitely top notch. The detailed environments and bad guys show how a first party title should be done. Santa Monica Studios put an amazing amount of effort and hard work into this title, and have far outdone even their previous work, which was admittedly stunning.

Incredibly Detailed Environments

The gameplay hasn’t changed much since the original release, and that’s not a bad thing. New upgradeable weapons that actually work just as well as Kratos’ main blades are a nice addition. The blood and gore has been ratcheted up a few notches for this installment, and the game truly earns its ‘M’ rating. Nothing is more gory than tearing an eye out of the face of a Cyclops and seeing the nerves actually being ripped out of the socket. Then again, ripping off a guys head so that you can use it as a flashlight is pretty gory as well.

Need a Flashlight? Rip off my head, then.

Of all of the new weapons introduced, the Cestus gloves seem to be the most damaging, and you’ll probably find yourself using them often.

Kratos and his Cestus Gloves

The boss battles seem to be harder this go round, and most of the bosses themselves are truly spectacular to behold. Even on Normal mode, you better find a decent strategy that works, or the game will keep suggesting you switch to an easier setting.

The Cronos Pinch

Platforming hasn’t changed much either, but the graphics make it easy on the eyes. The scale in which you have to climb and transverse has grown immensely, as have the environments themselves.

Climbing up with Falling Fire Rocks

Puzzles have taken on another dimension, and some can be a little mind boggling at first. They will make you think, and some may take you a couple tries to figure them out.

Grander Puzzles

Beyond the gameplay and the graphics, you have the music. For those of you who went and bought the ‘Ultimate Edition’ of God of War III, you were given codes to download all of the music from all 3 games , as well as a ‘God of War’ inspired album. The soundtrack to the PSP game ‘Chains of Olympus’ was sadly left out. Regardless, the music is epic in itself and sets the tone for each stage, battle, or encounter in the game. Fully orchestrated music adds a touch of class to an already outstanding game, and being able to download those tracks is a definite plus.

Blood & Metal Soundtrack

The ‘Ultimate Edition’ went for a few bucks more than the stand alone game, but did come with enough extra items to warrant the purchase. The ‘Pandora’s Box’ that came with this set is highly detailed, and matches the box you’ll find within the game. The art book is of high quality and shows concept art and how the art translated into the game. The combat arena is a nice addition and gives the game some replayability, as do the extra challenges that are added on the blu-ray disc for the ‘Ultimate Edition’.

God of War III Ultimate Edition

Also included is a code for the ‘Unearthing the Legend’ documentary hosted by Peter Weller (star of the movie ‘Robocop’). It is an hour in length and can be downloaded in either HD or SD. It is a very informative documentary and worth the watch if you are a God of War fan.

God of War III brings Kratos to the end of his vengeance and to the end of his journey (maybe). It does so with stunning graphics, bloody and gory special effects, a soundtrack that sets the pace, gameplay that was invented just for this series, and a storyline that is worthy of its title. This game truly sets the bar for all other games to be measured by this year.

In the end, there will be only ‘Game of the Year’ chaos.



+ Outstanding music

+ Outstanding graphics

+ Blood and gore worthy of Kratos

+ Highly detailed environments

+ Intriguing storyline


– We had to wait 3 years (but it was well worth the wait)

*God of War III was developed by SCE Santa Monica. It was published by Sony Computer Entertainment America and is available on the PlayStation 3.

Review – God of War III