God of War III’s Production Cost Revealed

God of War III is set to become one of the biggest releases of 2010. Riding a wave of incredible reviews, God of War III is a Game of the Year contender, a visual masterpiece, and an impressive action title for the PlayStation 3, and it cost a pretty penny to make.

It’s not often that developers or publishers are willing to reveal the cost of creating a game, but according to John Hight, Director of Product Development at Sony Computer Entertainment, God of War III cost $44 million to develop. The average cost of creating a game today sits at $18-28 million dollars, so Sony put a lot of money and technology development into this one. Of course, it’s nothing compared to GTA IV’s $100 million budget or Metal Gear Solid 4’s reported budget of $60 million, but considering the reviews and the sales this flagship title is sure to reap, we’d say Sony will make their money back and maybe even earn a few dollars profit.

Source: Kotaku