Bad Company 2 May Be Coming to the Mac

It’s been a big week for Mac gamers, and it’s only Tuesday. Yesterday, Valve announced that not only will Steam, their online gaming distribution service, be coming to Mac OS X in April, but all of Valve’s titles will be as well – from Left 4 Dead to Half-Life to Portal 2. And now, DICE, developers of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are “currently investigating the possibility of making BFBC2 available on Mac.”

The announcement came via an inquiry by, which decided to ask Karl Magnus Troedsson, Senior Producer at DICE tweeted, “Steam for Mac – Gabe, we like it!” in response to Valve’s announcement that Steam will be arriving for the Mac.

The last Battlefield title to come to the Mac was Battlefield 2142, in 2008. It’s a good great time to be a Mac gamer. Those terms, Mac and Gamer, they sound so strange together, don’t they?

Source: Joystiq