Microsoft: No ‘Mature’ Games in Xbox Game Room

Move Will Allow Microsoft To Release Many Titles In A Short Time Span

January 30, 2010 – Microsoft’s Xbox Game Room, one of the latest additions to the Xbox 360 which was announced at their CES 2010 event, will not allow ‘Mature’ rated titles. In order to avoid having to submit every single game offered in the Xbox Game Room to the ESRB for rating, Microsoft has instead chosen to rate the entire game room E10+.

The move, which contradicts what Nintendo has done with their Virtual Console, means Microsoft will not allow games above an E10+ rating into the Game Room. Obviously, a lack of ‘Mature’ titles might be frustrating for gamers hoping to relive their Mortal Kombat days, but the flip side of the announcement means that Microsoft will be able to release many games quickly for the service because they will not require a classification from the ESRB. This will allow Microsoft to build up a large library in a hurry. Good news for gamers, indeed.

Luckily, a look at games that are likely to be added to the game room suggests that very few games will have to be cut out because of a rating above E10+. The likes of Mortal Kombat are few and far between from the late 1980s and early 1990s, the time period when most of the Game Room titles will hail from.

The Xbox Game Room will allow gamers to purchase and play old titles from developers such as Konami and Atari.

Source: Kotaku