More Halo: Reach Screens Show Up

New Screens and Concept Art Highlight Power of Halo’s Gutted Engine, Scope of Reach’s World

January 26, 2010 – More Halo: Reach screens are showing up, and this time they’re coming directly from Bungie’s site. Yesterday, Bungie posted a huge array of new shots that look awfully pretty.

Halo: Reach will take place during the fall of Reach, a human outpost that comes under attack by the Covenant before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. The game is suiting up to go back to Halo’s roots, making Covenant enemies more frightening and difficult to kill, ratcheting up the tension by increasing the time shields take to charge up, and allowing a large amount of exploration in each mission map.

The team at Bungie is completely gutting the Halo 3 engine, “bending the Xbox as far it’ll bend” to provide a definitive Halo experience. The result is pre-alpha screens that already show a major graphical upgrade to the series.

Check out the new screens and concept art below and let us know what you think.