Fugly American Box Art For Heavy Rain

A Disastrous Box Art Experience for Heavy Rain’s American Release

January 12, 2010 – Well, they’ve done it again. In order to ‘appeal’ to the United States market, Heavy Rain’s cover has undergone a dramatic change, showing a lot more lady boob and characters staring into space while featuring much less intrigue and mystery.

Heavy Rain’s European box art features a piece of origami on the wet ground with a spot of blood on the paper. The American box art? A small piece of origami apparently floating on water with a looming, tank-top clad, wet tee-shirted, breasts stuck-out main character and several other characters staring into space and looking at their feet with brooding expressions.

There was a simplicity and a mysterious quality to the European box art and it had been assumed that the same, quality box art would be used for the American version of the game. It’s almost bad enough to justify ordering the European version of the game just so your friends don’t have to see the embarrassing box art. Just in case you don’t order the European version of the game, though, here are a few questions you can expect to answer when the game releases on February 23:

“So, is this a sex simulator?”

“Does that chick get naked?”

“What is this? A porno flick? John??? Talk to me. What is this ‘thing’ doing on your shelf?”

“Why is that piece of paper floating on water?”

The European box art.

The American box art is a bit less mysterious and a bit more boob-laden.