Metro 2033 Trailer

New, ‘Underground’ Trailer Highlights The World of Metro 2033, a Post-Apocalyptic Setting in Moscow

January 12, 2010 – The world of Metro 2033 is a dark one. An apocalypse has settled upon the people of Moscow, and survivors live in the old subway tunnels beneath the city, struggling to survive while different factions vie for power beneath the crumbling ruins. Mutants crawl through the decaying  city above and must be fended off as they consistently attack the subways. You play as Artyom, a young man born just prior to the apocalypse. All you’ve known are the subway tunnels and yet, as a new threat emerges, you will find yourself leaving the subway system and exploring Moscow’s greatest secrets to save mankind in its darkest hour.

The new trailer, ‘Underground’ highlights the gameplay of Metro 2033.

Metro 2033 is being published by THQ and has been developed by 4A Games. It is set to be released on March 16, 2010.