EA and Random House to Publish Special Edition of Dante’s Inferno

New Edition of Dante’s Inferno to Feature Information About the Game, Artwork From The Creative Process3

January 12, 2010 – EA and Visceral Games’ brutally violent hack-and-slash game, Dante’s Inferno, will be coming out next month, and yesterday it was announced that, together with Random House’s Del Rey Books imprint, a special paperback version of Dante’s poem, Inferno, will be released on January 19.

The special edition of Inferno will feature an introduction from Jonathan Knight, Executive Producer of Dante’s Inferno. The introduction will explain the process of translating the class work into the video game medium. It will also feature a 16-page spread of color images highlighting the transfer of characters from the poem into the game.

Speaking about the new edition of Inferno, Knight said, “We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Random House on this project. Through the creative process of developing this game, we have grown quite close to the literary works of Dante Alighieri. It is his vision that we are adapting for this new media, and new audience. The game is a celebration of Dante, and we hope gamers will be encouraged to go beyond the game and explore the classic text that has inspired us so deeply.”

Del Rey’s Michael Braff said of the collaboration, “Visceral Games and EA have provided us with an amazing opportunity to bring one of the great works of classical fiction to a new group of fans. Their stunning and inventive take on Dante’s Inferno will be sure to wow players around the world and we are extremely proud to be able to provide those individuals with insight into the creative processes involved in adapting Dante to a new medium.”

Dante’s Inferno has been developed by Visceral Games, the same team behind 2008’s Dead Space, and it will be published by Electronic Arts. It is geared for a release on February 9. It will follow the story of Dante Alighieri himself as he returns from the Crusades to discover that the love of his life, Beatrice, has been murdered and her soul has been taken by the devil. Traveling to the gates of hell, Dante pursues Beatrice through hell’s circles, fighting off demons in his request to rescue her soul from Beelzebub.

Source: EA Press Release