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Review – Heavy Rain

As the rain falls, what will you decide? Developed by Quantic Dream and written and directed by David Cage, Heavy Rain is a Hollywood-style cinematic adventure that will take you on a roller coaster ride from start to finish (and

How Digital Interaction Is Revolutionizing Gaming

It’s quite clear that the newest revolution in movies, and in experiencing them is three dimensional technology. Let’s face it, it’s good for business, and it’s terrific for ticket sales garnering lots of hype. Although the push to create and

This Week in Gaming

The Gaming To Be Had February 22-28 This week, the noire thriller Heavy Rain arrives for the PlayStation 3. Featuring incredibly advanced graphics, a mature storyline and numerous character actors, all of whom can die mid-game, changing the outcome of

Heavy Rain Banned in the UAE

Sony confirmed this morning that Heavy Rain has been banned in the United Arab Emirates. Earlier today, Middle Eastern gaming website, megamers, said that the game had been banned and Sony later released this statement confirming that the noire thriller

Heavy Rain Pre-Order DLC Delayed

According to GameStop, a delay by Sony Computer Entertainment America will keep Heavy Rain‘s pre-order DLC from being available until Thursday, March 4. The day-one DLC is the first chapter of Heavy Rain Chronicles, entitled The Taxidermist. The chronicle chapters