Heavy Rain Pre-Order DLC Delayed

According to GameStop, a delay by Sony Computer Entertainment America will keep Heavy Rain‘s pre-order DLC from being available until Thursday, March 4.

The day-one DLC is the first chapter of Heavy Rain Chronicles, entitled The Taxidermist. The chronicle chapters are meant to provide more insight into the characters that populate the story and The Taxidermist is going to follow Madison Page as she investigates her first serial killer. The complete DLC promises to be extensive to the point that gamers will even be able to take control of the Origami Killer, the antagonist in Heavy Rain, in one of the to-be-released chapters.

The DLC delay, however, appears to be confined to North American markets as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe told VG247 that the delay wouldn’t affect the day-one availability in Europe.

Heavy Rain is scheduled to release on February 23 for the PlayStation 3. It has been developed by Quantic Dream and is being published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Source: GameStop via Joystiq

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