Heavy Rain Releasing In February 2010

PS3 exclusive to arrive on store shelves sooner than expected

Heavy Rain, the highly-anticipated, PS3-exclusive from the maker’s of 2005’s Indigo Prophecy, has a release date. The release date, set for February 18, 2010 in Japan, indicates that a U.S. release should be sometime in February as well.

Heavy Rain will feature not only incredibly advanced graphical detailings, but also will focus on character development and interaction. The game, being developed by the French game studio, Quantic Dream, is a spiritual successor to Indigo Prophecy (also known as Fahrenheit), which was unique in its rendering of action scenes and character interactions. You played the game from the perspective of both the detectives trying to track down a killer, and as the killer himself, a man who unwittingly committed the deed when blacked out. The game included elements such as your sanity being able to leave you, physical exertion through repeating a series of commands, control over conversations with characters, and action scenes in which you had to perform a series of button pushes to execute the scene properly and survive. The game was highly interactive and Heavy Rain aims to bring the same sort of interaction to the PS3 platform.


Heavy Rain will feature incredibly realistic facial animations and a film-noir storyline

Heavy Rain will feature a storyline which is heavily-based in film noir stylings, following the attempt to track down a killer who leaves origami in his victims cold hands. The game touts incredibly realistic emotional ranges on the in-game characters, and the unique aspect that of the four main characters in the game, each can die and the game will continue along a different path, resulting in different conclusions dependent on how the game plays out.

Keep tuned to Terminal Gamer for more news on Heavy Rain’s expected US release date and previews of the game.

Source: The Examiner