Left 4 Dead 2 Sales Exceeds Two Million Units

Valve’s Zombie Killer Sells 2 Million in 2 Weeks – Zombie Deaths Number In The Hundreds of Millions, Infection Still Rampant

Do you rememer where you were on the 17th of November? I do…I was getting the chance to play Valve’s zombie killing adventure, Left4Dead 2. It came out on that day, and the Gamestop I went to was packed with gamers waiting for their pre-ordered zombie slaying goodness.

The sequel to 2008’s Left4Dead; a multiplayer zombie shooting romp; Left4Dead 2 capitalizes on bigger levels and fun weapons, to deliver more gory fun (yes hitting a zombie in the face with a frying pan is indeed fun.)

Within its two first weeks of release, two million cipies were sold.

Left4Dead 2 has racked up millions of sales in just two weeks

Left4Dead 2 has racked up millions of sales in just two weeks

Doug Lombardi, Valve’s Vice President of Marketing, says that the game itself had good media attention and that is just one of the reasons the game sold so well;

Left 4 Dead 2 is off to a great start with strong support at retail and great reviews from the press,”

Well, for what ever reason, Left4Dead 2 quickly became one of the best selling games of the year. With Christmas closing in on us, this game is sure to be on many gamers lists this year. And obviously, for a good reason.

Also, it is really nice to know that you where one of the people who pushed a game’s sales to over two million units…it feels nice.

You can check out our own review of Left4Dead 2, which came out for the Xbox 360 and PC platforms on November 17, 2009. Left4Dead 2 was developed by Valve and published by EA.

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