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World of Warcraft by the Numbers

The World of Warcraft has reached a level of success that goes way beyond what anyone could have possibly imagined back when the game first launched. It has taken off on a global level unseen by any other video game

Blizzard Gives $1.1 Million To Make-A-Wish Foundation

Blizzard Entertainment donated $1.1 million dollars to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which helps provide dream opportunities for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. The donation was based on 50 percent of the total sales during November and December 2009 of the Pandaren

“Darling, It’s Me Or The Orc”

Wife, Terrified Of Six-Foot Tall Warcraft Replica Demands Husbands Gives It Up For Adoption January 5, 2010 – “It came down to the wife or the Orc,” said Robert Cushnie, 42, an Aberdeen, Scotland Communications Manager. “She said there wasn’t

Blizzard Will Develop For Consoles

Interview reveals Blizzard "will definitely work on a console game at some point."