Blizzard Will Develop For Consoles

Interview reveals Blizzard “will definitely work on a console game at some point.”

December 21, 2009 – In an interview late last week with Gamasutra, Blizzard’s Samwise Didier and J. Allen Brack discussed the evolution of the Warcraft series on its fifteenth anniversary, and suggested that, many years removed from their Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis titles, Blizzard would be returning to consoles again.

Blizzard has made a name for itself in the video game industry by creating some of the most noteworthy series of all time. Spawning Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft, Blizzard’s resume features many of the best-known games of a generation, as well as some of the most critically acclaimed titles. Less known, however, is Blizzard’s console background in which they produced The Lost Vikings and Rock ‘n Roll Racing.

Speaking of Blizzard’s lineup of PC games and as to whether they would be producing for the consoles, J. Allen Brack said, “there’s a perception, I think, that Blizzard is anti-console, and that’s absolutely not the case. We just want to make the right game for the right platform…But we’re a company of gamers. I have two consoles at home. Sam has consoles. We’re a culture of gamers. We will definitely work on a console game at some point. I have no doubt about that. It’s just [a matter of] what game. What makes the most sense?”

So what game makes the most sense for Blizzard to develop for consoles? We’ll just have to wait, though, jokingly, J. Allen Brack suggested Blizzard was developing World of Lost Vikings, which would certainly be a huge hit.

Source: Fifteen Years of Warcarft: The Interview