“Darling, It’s Me Or The Orc”

Wife, Terrified Of Six-Foot Tall Warcraft Replica Demands Husbands Gives It Up For Adoption

January 5, 2010 – “It came down to the wife or the Orc,” said Robert Cushnie, 42, an Aberdeen, Scotland Communications Manager. “She said there wasn’t any room for him in our life. I’ve had him for six years but Dee means more to me, so he had to go.”

Cushnie, 42, had been living with a six-foot tall replica of a Warcraft Orc, and his wife had tolerated enough of the creature. Creeped by the tall, green figure, she provided Robert with an ultimatum, telling him he had to get rid of the Orc or she would move home to Canada.

The story, reported in The Scottish Sun, said that Cushnie was ecstatic when he found the Orc at a Falkirk toy shop that was closing down six years ago. He bought the Orc off of the retailer and it has been haunting his wife ever since. “I just don’t like it,” she said. “I’m only 5ft 3in, so it towers over me, which is quite creepy.”

Faced with the possibility of having his wife leave him, Cushnie offered the Orc up for adoption, and it was taken in by Michael Thomson and his wife Patricia, whose 16 year-old granddaughter is already a fan. Patrica Thomson, speaking about the Orc said, “We wanted him because he’s so unusual. Our grandkids love him.”

Robert, who is now moving to Canada with his wife Dee said, “I’ll miss him – but I’m glad he’s gone to a good home.”

Source: The Scottish Sun via Kotaku