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Pre-Order StarCraft II at GameStop and Get Beta Access

GameStop is offering a promotion in which gamers who pre-order StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will gain access to the current beta of the game. The offer, valid only in U.S. stores, essentially offers gamers who are determined to purchase

StarCraft II Still on Target For First Half of 2010

According to Blizzard, StarCraft II is still on target for a release date in the first half of 2010. The real-time strategy game, sequel to 1997’s genre-defining hit, StarCraft, is currently in closed-beta testing, which should last for “three to

StarCraft II Beta Keys Auctioning Off For Hundreds of Dollars

If you’re eager to play the StarCraft II beta but didn’t receive an exclusive invitation to participate, there’s still hope – as long as you have several hundred dollars to spare. Gamers are taking advantage of their Blizzcon beta keys

Starcraft II Closed Beta Begins This Month

But Then Again, This Is Blizzard We’re Talking About So….Don’t Hold Your Breath

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