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Starhawk: Tips & Full Trophy List

With the May 8th release date of StarHawk closing in fast,  Chuck Lacson / Product Marketing Manager, SCEA gave us some super helpful tips on achieving some of the Trophies for the game. Check out the tips, and the full trophy list,

Review – God of War Origins Collection

Kratos and his two PSP titles have been remastered and ported over to the PS3. Does Kratos look good walking among the gods on the big screen, or should these games be left for the handheld? Read our review to

Remastered Comparison: God of War: Origins Collection PSP vs PS3

Kratos and his PSP games are coming to the PS3. How does the PS3 versions look next to the original PSP versions? Check out the video, plus game details and screenshots, after the jump.  

Coming this September in 3D: God of War Origins

Two great God of War PSP titles coming to the PS3. Check out the details, and the announcement video, after the jump.

Review – God of War III

More than 5 years ago the God of War series started Kratos on a journey that has been as exciting as it has been bloody. The final installment of the series is here, and it doesn’t disappoint.