Coming this September in 3D: God of War Origins

Two great God of War PSP titles coming to the PS3. Check out the details, and the announcement video, after the jump.

Kratos has had all of his PS2 titles released on the PS3 in the God of War Collection. He had a brand new PS3 adventure in God of War III, and now, even his PSP titles will be joining in on the HD fun. God of War: Ghost of Sparta and God of War: Chains of Olympus will both now be joining in, and will be playable in 3D for those of you with the proper TV. Both titles are fully remastered in both graphics and sound. The audio will be in full Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Dualshock 3 support is also added, so these games will almost be an entirely new experience. Throw in 2 full trophy sets, and you have a welcome addition to the PS3 Kratos family.

Check out the announcement video here:

September can’t come soon enough!