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Nintendo Wants You to Experience Their Upcoming Game Line-up at Comic-Con

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Other Top 2011 Releases to Make Public Playable Debut at Leading Pop-Culture Event. More details, and a full list of the playable games, after the jump.

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3DS Gets New Screenshots

The Nintendo 3DS still has over a month to go before its release but that doesn’t stop the developers from wanting to show off their latest games. More details. and screen shots, after the jump.

Tecmo Koei Joins The 3DS Bandwagon

Following Capcom's announcement of a Resident Evil game for Nintendo's 3DS we received word that Tecmo Koei also has a few games in store for the system which will add a new dimension into gamers' lives. Hit the jump to