Tecmo Koei Joins The 3DS Bandwagon

Following Capcom’s announcement of a Resident Evil game for Nintendo’s 3DS we received word that Tecmo Koei also has a few games in store for the system which will add a new dimension into gamers’ lives. Hit the jump to see what’s been confirmed in development.

* DEAD OR ALIVE 3D (working title)
* SAMURAI WARRIORS 3D (working title)
* NINJA GAIDEN (working title)
* DYNASTY WARRIORS (working title)

The best games of both companies are going to be featured on Nintendo’s new handheld but for now, no details of the games themselves exist. What we can tell though is that it seems like every developer and publisher is eager to get in on the 3DS. How does the community feel about this?

Cody Mills

Cody currently attends Finlandia University striving for an English Literature Bachelor's and plans to move on to get his Master's in Comparative Literature and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. What does all of that have to do with gaming? He loves to write. He's been a gamer since he could read, and he's been reading since before he could speak. He's also an avid collector and has just over five hundred games in his collection spanning over ten-plus consoles.

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