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Tecmo Koei Joins The 3DS Bandwagon

Following Capcom's announcement of a Resident Evil game for Nintendo's 3DS we received word that Tecmo Koei also has a few games in store for the system which will add a new dimension into gamers' lives. Hit the jump to

ESRB Revises It’s Rating Description for Dead or Alive Paradise

ESRB Retracts Earlier Statements Calling Game “Creepy”, “Bizzare” and “Cheesy”

ESRB Says Dead or Alive Paradise is Full of “Creepy Voyeurism”

Honestly, We’re Not Surprised At Harsh Assessment or the ‘Mature’ Rating

Gouri Daisuke, Voice of Tekken’s Heihachi Commits Suicide

A Great Voice Actor Passes

New Dead Or Alive All About The Laydeez

New Dead Or Alive Game to Focus on Unlocking Skimpy Clothing