Gouri Daisuke, Voice of Tekken’s Heihachi Commits Suicide

Gouri Daisuke Found Dead in Japan

January 18, 2010 – Around three PM yesterday in the Nakano-ku region of Japan a man was found dead on the streets. A knife and either a will or a note was discovered near his body. The man was Gouri Daisuke, esteemed video game voice actor, and he committed suicide. If you can read Japanese, see the original here.

This is a sad day for gamers as Gouri was the voice actor for many great games and anime. He portrayed Heihachi from Tekken as well as Bass from the Dead or Alive series. He was credited with appearances on One Piece and numerous parts in Dragonball Z, most notably Hercule, or Mr. Satan. You can read an entire listing of his performances at imdb.

RIP Gouri, you will be missed by many.

Source: Versus City