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Review – Thunder Wolves

Thunder Wolves is ready to take for take off on the PlayStation Network. We jumped in our chopper, flew back in time to the 90’s and shot the hell out of everything that moved. The question is: Is the game

PSN Review – Closure

PlayStation Network’s Spring Fever Sale is closing out with Closure, a unique mind-bender in a dark and atmospheric realm. It’s a brilliant puzzle game where you must manipulate light and escape from a mysterious world. Want to know more about

Review – inFamous: Festival of Blood

  Developer Sucker Punch Productions wants you to step back into New Marais after dark with inFamous 2: Festival of Blood.  Should you leave this downloadable standalone game to the vampire slayers out there, or should you jump in and

PSN Review – Inferno Pool

Pool games have been around for just about as long as video games themselves. There have been OK games, and even some good ones, but most have missed the mark due to awful physics. With Inferno Pool, Dark Energy Digital