PSN Review – Closure

PlayStation Network’s Spring Fever Sale is closing out with Closure, a unique mind-bender in a dark and atmospheric realm. It’s a brilliant puzzle game where you must manipulate light and escape from a mysterious world. Want to know more about this indie game? Grab your flash light and get ready as you head on towards our review.


Closure was developed by a three-man studio known as Eyebrow Interactive . Tyler Glaiel // Programmer, Jon Schubble // Art, and Christopher Rhyne // Music;  they’re winners of the 2012 Indie Game Challenge at DICE, IGF 2010 Excellence in Audio Award and Indiecade 2009 Gameplay Innovation Award. If you are thinking that you have already heard about this game, you’re right. This game was first revealed as a flash game back in 2009; this PSN version is totally new. Just the concept of light and darkness is the same.


You play as a strange demon that closely resembles a spider-like creature. You experience three different points of view from three different humans. The spider-like creature also has its own levels and story. Once you have completed the tutorial, which is so well implemented that you don’t even notice that you were just taught the controls and were made ready to play the game, you can choose what story to play from the start. There are three doors, each with its own story.

You must utilize the light against the darkness to bring out or take out realism. Meaning, if you shine light and see that a wall or floor is up ahead if the light stays on that position, you won’t be able to get across. But, if you bring down the light just low enough for you to jump on and create a path, you’ll succeed. Doors are your ticket out of the level; go through the doors to continue the story.


The controls are simple and effective. The audio is great. You hear sounds ranging from footsteps to the rain pouring along with lightning and thunder. The art of the game is truly amazing. Everything is hand-drawn, and the environments as well as each of the characters deserve praise. They are created with great detail. One can tell that a lot of effort was put into the game and, let me tell you, it paid off.

Each character has 24 mind-twisting puzzles, with there being 72 in total. Ten additional puzzles can be unlocked. The game clocks in between 5 and 7 hours of play time. It all depends on how good and determined you are with puzzles. Another 2 to 3 hours can be spent collecting silver moths, and there are plenty of Easter Eggs to find. Puzzles ramp up in difficulty as you progress, just how it should be. Yet, with Closure, there isn’t a moment that you’ll get frustrated or “rage quit” due to not being able to solve a certain puzzle. You are not being scored or timed, so take your time with the puzzles. Oh, and in case you lose the key to unlock the door or a box in order to reach the other side due to a dark void, simply press the SELECT button and then you’ll restart that specific level and nothing will change or be lost. Everything stays the same. It’s more of a mechanic that lets you learn from your mistakes without being so punishing. If all that fails, then feel free to leave that story and choose a different one. Every time you complete a level, you most likely will feel accomplished. That being said, not many games can make you feel that way, and one would do themselves a great disservice to miss out on this one.


Eyebrow Interactive has done a great job with Closure. If you are a puzzle junkie, this is right for you. Those uneasy yet adventurous feelings of “What will I find up ahead?” and “Should I jump off this rock and hope there’s a platform below?” will keep on bringing you back for more.