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If You Are a Current or Former Netflix Subscriber A Class Action Settlement Could Affect You

A Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit that claims Netflix unlawfully kept and disclosed information, including records on the movies and TV shows its customers viewed. Netflix denies that it has done anything wrong. Details after the

PS Vita Adds to Its Hype with Netflix Availability

The PS Vita gets better and better. Details after the jump.

Netflix Considering Move to DS

A survey issued by Netflix suggests that the company is studying whether they ought to bring service to Nintendo’s DS, which is the world’s most popular handheld gaming device.

Netflix on Wii: Consumer’s Don’t Care About Visuals

Nintendo of America President Says Loss of HD Content via Netflix on Wii is “No loss for the Wii consumer”

Netflix Coming to Wii Owners This Spring

Netflix Streaming via Your Wii January 13, 2010 – Nintendo of America announced today that they have reached an agreement with Netflix which will allow Wii owners to stream hundreds of movies directly to their consoles.