Netflix Coming to Wii Owners This Spring

Netflix Streaming via Your Wii

January 13, 2010 – Nintendo of America announced today that they have reached an agreement with Netflix which will allow Wii owners to stream hundreds of movies directly to their consoles. The service will be available to Wii owners who already have a subscription to Netflix for no additional charge. If everything goes as scheduled then the service should go live sometime this spring. A free streaming disc will be required to use the service, which can be pre-ordered here. Once released, the discs will be delivered via first-class mail.

Netflix executives say they believe the agreement will expand their reach to significantly more customers. Nintendo sold more than 3 million Wiis in 2009 alone, more than 2 and a half million of which are located in family living rooms throughout the world. This is a great move for both Nintendo and Netflix, as it will net them each higher sales figures and millions of new customers, as well as boost customer satisfaction ratings. If Netflix continues making the right moves and expanding their empire it seems they will soon have a dominant hold on the movie rental industry, and the days of the local video store will be nothing but fading memories.

Source: Nintendo Press Release