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Pachter Says Natal Will Sell 10 Million In First Year

Industry analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan says that Microsoft’s Natal motion-sensing project for the Xbox 360 will sell 10 million units within a year of its launch this Holiday season. Pachter also said, in an interview with PS3 Center,

No Natal for Halo: Reach

Bungie smashes rumor of Natal functionality for Halo: Reach

Sony Delays Motion Control to Fall 2010

“Arc” Motion Controller to Miss Spring 2010 Release Date

Fable III Concept Art

New Concept Art Shows Albion, Characters From Fable III January 12, 2010 – While it’s been announced that Fable III will be released in time for a holiday release on the Xbox 360, no screens have yet emerged. However, today,

Report: Natal Will Use 10-15% of Xbox 360 CPU

Other Details Revealed by Alex Kipman, Lead Developer January 8, 2010 – Alex Kipman, lead developer on Microsoft’s motion-sensing controller, Natal, reports that the peripheral will use 10-15% of the Xbox 360s CPU power. The information about Natal’s use of