Report: Natal Will Use 10-15% of Xbox 360 CPU

Other Details Revealed by Alex Kipman, Lead Developer

January 8, 2010 – Alex Kipman, lead developer on Microsoft’s motion-sensing controller, Natal, reports that the peripheral will use 10-15% of the Xbox 360s CPU power. The information about Natal’s use of the Xbox 360s CPU was one of several details about the project that were revealed by Kipman following Microsoft’s announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Microsoft’s Natal will be arriving in late 2010, just in time for the holidays. It utilizes a camera to capture motion and translate the motion into actions. As a result, Natal will allow users to control Xbox 360 games, and, according to Microsoft, televisions and other devices in the future.

In an interview with New Scientist, Kipman revealed that Natal has to run off the existing hardware on the 360 and that, in the process of fine-tuning the project, Microsoft’s Natal team managed to make it take up 10-15% of the 360s CPU power.

In addition, he revealed that they have programmed Natal to recognize and identify body parts, saying, “When we train this ‘brain’ we are telling it: this is the head, this is the shoulder. And we’re doing that over millions of frames. When it sees a new image it can tell you the probability that it’s seeing a certain body part based on that historical information.”

He also revealed that Natal recognizes not only body parts, but where they should be on the body. He revealed that Natal’s software, “correctly positions your hand even if it’s held behind your back…It knows the hands can only be in one place.” As a result, Natal will have the ability to recognize the difference between your hand and your friend’s hand if you are playing together by recognizing that each hand is connected to a different body.

Source: Techradar

Natal will allow for multiple players because it can recognize the whole body and body parts in relation to the body.