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New Call Of Duty MMO Game?

Rumors Are Circulating That Infinity Ward May be Working on a Call of Duty MMO Game January 8, 2010 – Rumors circulating around the internet suggest that Infinity Ward’s new project is a Call of Duty MMO. It seems that

Call of Duty Franchise Surpasses $3 Billion In Revenue

In a press release issued on Friday, November 27th, Activision-Blizzard, Inc. announced that it's Call of Duty franchise has surpassed US $3 billion dollars in worldwide retail sales.

Xbox 360 Review: Modern Warfare 2

“Sam Bravo we’re reading 70 bogeys in your sector, please verify.” “Negative, nothing here.” “We may have a minor ACS fault here, do you have anything on your scope.” Suddenly, a burst of noise, a frantic voice from air control, “They’re everywhere! I’m